Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012: Guest Writer

Hey everyone, this is Jeremy Kravitz subbing in for Ian tonight as the guest blogger. I finally arrived after long delays resulting in missed flights and having to stay in Hawaii for a night, which isn’t too bad of a problem. However, upon arrival, I’ve hit the ground running with 6am wake up calls and long days out on the boat.

Yesterday, I went out with Ian and Mark and the Scripps crew to do some REMUS runs and ADCP transects while also doing some drift dives with the strong current to pick up some cameras that were placed on the reef to observe some fish spawn aggregations. It was a long day out on the boat and my back is looking pretty red but it was a good introduction to Palau and some of the projects going on. It was also pretty interesting to finally see the REMUS in action.

Today, I went out with the University of Hawaii crew to help them with some diving while installing some wave and current sensors while Mark and Ian and the Scripps team did some more REMUS runs. We had some pretty intense rain and wind out on the boats today as well which made preparing the instruments and sensors on the boat pretty interesting. It was still a fun day though.


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