Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18th, 2012: Getting close to the end

Well as you can tell the blogs are starting to slow down a little bit as they always do at this time.  This means that we are getting tired after long hard days at work and we are closing in on the end of our stay.

We had a great last couple of days as Jeremy put in the blog.  It rained again yesterday, but we got in a couple of great REMUS runs over a reef that we are trying to match light reflectrance signals with known bottom samples so that we can start comparing them to satellite signals for conservation work.  We also picked up one of our instrument towers and moved to the other side of the island to work with the hawaii group.  We got to dive to remove it and install it.  I love working under water.

Today we went on a trip down south and did some more REMUS runs, ADCP surveys, and got in some beautiful dives.  We finished up the day with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  Especially after the last couple of rainy days.

We are trying to plan out the last couple of days before the main group leaves and Billy and I start to pack everything up.

Enjoy the pictures.

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