Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012: Jeremy's Last Day

Jeremy here again and things are winding down a bit as many of us are leaving late tonight to go back home as Ian, Billy and the Hawaii team stay for a couple more days to finish some last REMUS runs and pack everything up. Everyone is feeling pretty tired and exhausted as it has been a pretty dense last couple of weeks with a lot of instrument deployments, maintenance and REMUS work. It has been an amazing experience here but I think everyone is a bit ready to head home.

Tuesday, Mark, Ian, and I did some upkeep and battery replacement on our optics sensor underwater. Like Ian said before, it’s so much fun working underwater. We also did some REMUS runs and had a pretty big scare due to some leaking issues and almost losing the machine. Luckily, everything seems to be okay. Yesterday consisted of testing the REMUS out to make sure everything runs okay with it and we almost lost it again. It’s really interesting to see how planning and preparation can only go so far in the field, and how on-the-fly thinking and planning becomes an essential skill, especially when working with very expensive machinery where problems occur daily. After some frustrating REMUS runs, we decided it was time to relax and do some fun diving so we went out to one of the outer reef walls and checked out the beautiful reef.

A non-profit organization, called Bent Prop, who specialize in finding sunken WWII planes and ships around Palau in order to find MIA’s, approached us to help them out in their search with our REMUS technology. It has been really interesting and we’ve found some sunken ships and bits and pieces of planes. We are going out on the boat this afternoon to check out a fully intact plane that was found yesterday, and we will be part of the first group to ever dive it. It’s very exciting.

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in just a matter of a couple of weeks about all the technology being used here and how to apply it all. It’s really awesome to see different avenues of marine science and what’s out there to be a part of.

See you all back in the States. 

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